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philly_veg_coop if anyone would be interested in splitting shipping and whatnot.

philly area animal sanctuary needs help


I no longer live in PA, but is there anything the philly veg community could be doing to help this great cause?

trying to sell a wedding dress.

if you're looking or know someone who is, here's a link to my craigslist post.
(i didn't put this in there, because it's not open to every kook out there, just you kooks, and the kooks you vouch for) but you can try it on in my house before you buy to see if it's right for you.

$150 or best offer. size 12-14, probably best for someone over 5'6" satin and embroidery/beading on the bodice.


(i'm also selling a papasan (without cushion)

and i haven't listed the following things yet: xbox 360 wireless racing wheel, konami beatmania, super NES (without controller) or sega genesis (missing everything) or the 2003 foam hulk hands. make an offer if you want any of those.

...That's because the eatery in question, the Pita Pit at 1601 Sansom Street, will be giving away free pita sandwiches from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.
"Yeah, they're doing a promotion to get people to taste the chicken veggie steak," Green says, referring to Vegedelphia Foods, a local (ya think?) company that produces Veggie Lean, a wheat-based meat substitute that you may have encountered - along with their crab-free crabcakes - down at CB Park. "They're gonna be here live from two to six, getting testimonials" from people who try the product, in a bid "to see if they can franchise it, you know, get it in all the [Pita Pit] stores nationally."

This would be a coup for the wheat-meat company, as Green said there are around 200 Pita Pits nationwide, "about 195 open already" and a handful more in the process of starting up. On a related note, Green mentioned that the Pita Pit in State College, which he also runs, will be doing a similar promotion on Thursday, "in case anybody happens to be out there at Penn State."

To get your free pita sandwich you will need to register and fill out a brief questionnaire, which you can do at the door or at this online link in advance. "We're trying to get a sense of how many vegetarians are out there," Green said. "We've already had 400 people register."

(i didn't see a link for the questionnaire, and i checked vegadelphia's website, and the "chicken" is vegan, but the crabcakes have eggs. (which they can easily switch out with home-made egg-free mayo, or vegenaise. maybe eventually that'll happen. if enough of a stink is raised.) also, it looks like pita pit puts cheese on the sammich. i don't know what else, or if the bread is vegan. so you might want to call before venturing out.

http://www.vegadelphiafoods.com/ http://www.phillypitapit.com/

:edit: here's the questionnaire: https://phillypitapitjobs.wufoo.com/forms/pita-pit-product-testing-application-philadelphia/
Is anybody looking for a roommate in University City?
I am a Drexel student, 21, female, non-smoker, non-partier, respectful.
The apartment I had fell through at the last second, and I am really under the wire to find a place before the semester starts (the 21st).
So if you, or someone you know has a room for rent near Drexel please let me know!
I am looking to pay $550 or less including utilities.
I can also be reached at watchtheartistgo@gmail.com

Found a place to live.


i'm going to be travelling out to seattle and portland next week, and in portland, i'll be sleeping on couches, so i'd like to provide some gifts to the hosts.

i know this is a strange request, and it's highly unlikely that portland of all places wouldn't have access to a vegan item. but hey, stranger things have happened.

the only thing i'm thinking about could be vrapple and peanut chews (but ever since just born took over, they've been popping up all over the place) does tastykake have a vegan item?

my only concern is that we're going to be in seattle prior to portland, but at least there'll be a refrigerator, since we're staying in one of those extended stay hotels. but still, the 2nd host will be hosting us at least a week after we leave, so stuff that expires soonishly would be a bad idea.

oh, also it needs to be airplane friendly. we generally don't check bags, but we might have to. particularly if we're bringing much volume of baggage. so although i'd like to bring a vegantreats cake or donut, it'd most likely not last. (and did someone say peanut butter BOMB)

also, if any of you have been to seattle or portland, feel free to let me know of food or non-food related things i must not miss. :-D (i'm already browsing stumptownvegans.com and foodfight actually has a nice little list. as well as happycow.com)

new hope, pa / lambertville nj

do you guys know of any fun (or veg related) stuff to do in new hope PA and/or lambertville NJ
i know this has probably been discussed a million times...but i haven't been to gianna's in a few years and i am curious about going back.  why should/shouldn't i support them?


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